About Us

The A Plus Success Learning System helps students build skills and gain the confidence to succeed academically.  The A Plus Success program offers a specific, individualized diagnostic and prescriptive approach to help students gain the basic skills they need to succeed in school and to build and maintain a high level of self-confidence for success.

about us

Our highly qualified instructors are responsible for providing students with their expertise and experience in helping students improve their academic performance.  The minimum qualifications for our instructional staff are individuals with college degrees who are currently working as education professionals with exemplary job performance.

A Plus Success is approved to provide supplemental education services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York.  Since 2005, A Plus Success has tutored over 3500 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The Department of Education in each state reviewed our program, approved our curricular and determined our strategies to be effective and fit to be used in the school systems.  In 2007, A Plus Success became an SES (Supplemental Education Services) provider, ultimately tutoring over a thousand students from Pre K to Eight grade in reading, language arts and mathematics.  We have a strong record of positive impact, increasing our students’ academic gains over time as a result of our research based tutoring services.

A Plus Success offers programs in all subject areas for students in grades K to 12.   We concentrate on reading/language arts and mathematics because it is important that students learn these skills so they will be successful in all other curriculum areas – regardless of age or grade level. A Plus Success offers a full array of tutoring services to elementary, special education, middle school, high school students and homeschooled students. Services offered include test prep services, in home tutoring, at school tutoring, and small group tutoring.

The above elements in our program, in conjunction with highly qualified and trained tutors ensure the effectiveness of the A Plus Success instructional program in helping students achieve success.