Press Release – Effective SAT Stimulator

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Effective SAT Stimulator – A Plus Success Program

A Plus Success is a certified tutoring company that offers supplementary educational services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York. Their SAT stimulator test helps students to confidently prepare for the SAT/ACT and apply to colleges of interest.

Alexandria,VA (August 2013) – A Plus Success is a tutoring company that offers specialized instruction to help students perform well academically. The A Plus Success program offers a specific and individualized diagnostic approach that will improve the basic skills of students and help them succeed academically. The program is designed to help build and maintain a high level of self confidence in students.

A Plus Success also offers test preparation services that help students prepare for SAT/ACT tests that will enable them to apply successfully to colleges of their choice. The SAT/ACT Test Prep program is designed by expert educators who tailor the program to meet specific student needs in preparation for the SAT/ACT. The Test Prep program incorporates comprehensive methods that will guide students through test taking strategies, helping them get high scores. Their pretest analyzes the skill deficiencies of the student and areas that need improvement. The qualified instructors then design the program according to the needs of each student based on the results of diagnostic assessment.

The SAT/ACT prep tests stimulate a real SAT experience and ensure that students understand the key concepts and test strategies. The test will be administered at a specific location on Saturday morning from 9 am to 1 pm. The material and space fee for the test is $15. Students and parents will receive a free consultation with a detailed review of the test results. The simulation is designed to help students understand their potential, improve deficiencies and retain the material fresh in their short term memory so it can be retrieved during the actual SAT/ACT test.

The A Plus Success program began in 2005 and since then the company has tutored over 3500 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. In 2007, A Plus Success became an SES provider, ultimately tutoring more than a thousand students from Pre K to Eight grade in reading, language arts and mathematics. The A plus Success program is approved to provide supplemental educational services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York. The program’s curriculum and strategies have been verified and approved by the Department of Education in each state.

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