Prices for Services

One to One Tutoring Rate ($/hour)
Math $55.00
Reading $55.00
Subjects $65.00
SAT® Prep $65.00
Study Skills $55.00
Small Group Tutoring
(up to 5 students)
Rate ($/hour)
Math $45.00
Reading $45.00
Subjects $55.00
SAT® Prep $55.00
Study Skills $45.00
Diagnostics Testing Rate ($ per assessment)
Math $150.00
Reading $150.00
Subject Test $175.00
Study Skills $100.00
Test Prep $100.00


  • Monthly Billing in advance with invoice dated on 15th of the month and due 1st of the following month for that month services.
  • All Diagnostics testing is paid in advance of testing.

Package Discount:

  • Parent choosing to pay in advance for a 40hour package per student will receive a 10% discount.

Missed Session:

  • Parent must give 24 hour advance notice to reschedule a session.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to show up for sessions and to be punctual for sessions.
  • Missed sessions can not be re-scheduled and account will not be adjusted for absence.
  • Should for any reason A Plus Success cancel a session, the session will be re-scheduled at times, which are acceptable to the student/parent.

Cancellation during program:

  • Parent may cancel program at any time.  However, two weeks notice is required.  In lieu of two weeks notice, scheduled sessions for two weeks will be deducted from any fund owing on the student account.

Late Payment:

  • If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, session will be suspended until payment is received.