Common Core Alignment / Career and College Readiness

A Plus Success has designed its academic programs in all subject areas for grades K to 12 to be fully aligned with new Common Core State Standards.  Common Core State Standards have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia requiring, in part, a focus on depth of information rather than breadth of knowledge.  This shift in emphasis is designed to adequately prepare all students for the rigors of college coursework or entry level career positions, collectively referred to as, “career and college readiness.”

A Plus Success tutors participate in professional development and apply revised tutoring strategies to help students meet the challenges of this rigorous new curriculum.  Tutors are expected to be familiar with Common Core and incorporate the methods set forth by the standards in each tutoring session. For example, material, particularly in math, will be covered in greater depth,emphasizing the quality of the student’s understanding rather than the quantity of concepts a student is expected to master. This is to prepare students for Common Core testing which will de-emphasize multiple choice in favor of open-ended questions. The idea behind this type of testing is that development of these skills will prepare students for career and college readiness across a broad spectrum of disciplines. In Language Arts, students will not only need to demonstrate proficiency in language usage, reading and writing but also understanding of complex literature. A Plus Success offers a rigorous Language Arts academic program to prepare students for success with Common Core.

In order to meet the Common Core initiative, A Plus Success has developed Common Core aligned assessment tools and best practices to help students not only recall information but apply information learned to unfamiliar situations.  A Plus Success tutors understand how the standards are being taught allowing for synergy between classroom instruction and supplemental instruction.

A Plus Success will be conducting informational sessions for parents interested in understanding the new Common Core Initiative along with how Common Core will impact tutoring sessions and academic skills programs.

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