In-School Tutoring / Title 1 Program

A Plus Success has tutored more than 3000 students in grades Pre-K to 12 in Reading/Language Arts and Math since 2007-2008 when we began providing in-school Supplemental Educational Services (SES). In that time, we have provided SES services in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We have a strong record of positive impact, increasing our students’ academic gains over time as a result of our research based tutoring services.


A Plus Success closely follows the recommendation of scientific studies regarding effective tutoring programs. According to a 2007 U.S. Department of Education study, evidence confirms that tutoring is an effective method of improving students’ academic achievement. The study also indicated that group tutoring with an emphasis on academic success has proven to be effective.
The A Plus Success Program is based on materials and techniques proven to work scientifically. Our diagnostic testing tool has been specifically chosen to detect skill gaps and develop prescriptions that correlate with the specialized instructional materials used in the program. Once a student has been tested, an A Plus Success Director of Learning can develop an individualized plan based on the test results.
Management of the supplemental educational services site(s)To meet the responsibility of providing an effective tutoring program, we have developed an organizational structure that can scale effectively with the redundancy to assure quality. Over the years, we have developed and improved our in house Student Management System (SMS) to help track student progress.

A coordinator or lead teacher is available at the site to oversee program operations.  Student information is tracked using a binder that contains information on each student in the program. Each student has an individual binder in which the coordinator prepares a daily prescription of activities and exercises. The instructor records the scores on the prescription form providing a detailed daily record. Student progress is also measured by instructor observation. While working with students, instructors adjust materials according to student achievements. Formal progress reports are issued every month of instruction and are sent to parents and the school.  All communication between school officials and parents is logged in the binder while the coordinator monitors the tutor’s effectiveness during each session. Area managers monitor sites and conduct announced, and unannounced site visits to ensure the program is operating smoothly and in accordance with established guidelines.