Press Release – A Plus Success New Offering

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A Plus Success Tutoring Program

A Plus Success is a certified tutoring company that offers supplementary educational services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York. A Plus Success tutoring offers high quality curriculum aligned to state standards with an instructional model that supports individualized learning.

Alexandria, VA  (July 2013) – A Plus Success is pleased to announce new, in home,  specialized instruction to help students perform well academically. The A Plus Success program offers a specific and individualized diagnostic approach that will improve the basic skills of students and help them succeed academically. The program is designed to help build and maintain a high level of self confidence in students.

Studies show students benefit from high quality tutoring.  A Department of Education study found that well-designed tutoring programs can be effective in improving children’s reading skills. Students with below-average reading skills who are tutored show significant gains in reading skills when compared with similar students who do not receive tutoring from a quality tutoring program. Among the features of tutoring programs associated with the most positive gains are extensive training for tutors, formal time commitments by tutors, structured tutoring sessions, careful monitoring of tutoring services, and close relationships between classroom instruction and curriculum and the tutoring services provided.

About A Plus Success

Since 2005, A Plus Success has tutored over 3500 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. In 2007, A Plus Success became an SES (Supplemental Education Services) provider, ultimately tutoring over a thousand students from Pre K to Eight grade in reading, language arts and mathematics.  A Plus Success offers a full array of tutoring services to elementary, special education, middle school, high school students and homeschooled students. Services offered include test prep services, in home tutoring, at school tutoring, and small group tutoring. The A Plus Success program is approved to provide supplemental educational services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York. The program’s curriculum and strategies have been verified and approved by the Department of Education in each state.

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