Academic Skills

A Plus Success offers programs in all subject areas for grades K to 12.  We concentrate on reading/language arts and mathematics because it is paramount that students have mastery and confidence in these areas in order to succeed in all other curriculum areas regardless of age or grade level.notebooks

The A Plus Success Academic skill program includes:

Language Arts

  • Reading
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabularymath5


  • Basic math facts
  • Computation
  • Concepts and Application


  • Sentence Structure
  • Grammar
  • Creative Writing

Study Skills

  • Time Management
  • Setting Goals
  • Study Plan

To enter the program, students must first complete a series of diagnostic tests administered by an A Plus Success trained tutor.  The instructor records the scores on the prescription form providing a detailed record.  An individualized academic program is then designed for the student.  Throughout the program, student progress is measured by instructor observation, allowing the instructor to adjust materials according to the students’ achievement on assignments.  Formal progress reports are issued every month of instruction and are provided to parents. Parents are then able to review their student’s work and provide feedback on their students prescription.