Home Schooling

When a homeschooled student surpasses their parent’s knowledge base in or ability to teach a particular subject area, his or her needs can be met through high quality supplemental instruction.  At A Plus Success, we understand the unique needs of homeschooled students and their families. With this understanding, we work with the curriculum you have chosen for your homeschool student and can provide supplemental materials where necessary.tutor3

Families who choose A Plus Success tutors have several options regarding how instruction will be designed. Whether it is a foreign language, complex mathematics, physics, history, or working with a special needs student, we work with parent’s choices and offer suggestions on additional materials and resources that may be helpful. A Plus Success tutors may visit a student’s home once or twice a week to reinforce the coursework, offer an alternative perspective, or assist with large assignments and projects. Our online tutoring options provide parents with affordable, flexible and customized instruction in various subjects. Whether you are looking for full-time teaching assistance in a particular subject, an hour or two per week of supplemental assistance, supplemental online instruction or end of year test preparation, A Plus Success can help.

All A Plus Success tutors musts pass a complete background check – measures we take to ensure the safety of all our students.  Homeschool families have the option of choosing in home tutoring, online tutoring or convenient community center/library locations. We are also able to tutor multiple homeschooled students in small group sessions for very affordable rates.

Call us to discuss the ways in A Plus Success can enhance your homeschool experience!